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This comes as an ideal solution for those people who don’t have much time to waste in searching for the right gym or adequate fitness program and who want to save some money. Sometimes it is hard to make yourself to commence the exercises, in that way your mobile phone can be your best friend, fortunately, today, you can find lot of useful applications that saves your time and money.

Workout Buddy

This is a free application, which practically acts as a fitness instructor, providing 300 different exercises and trainings. It attracted a lot of attention. For each exercise or training detailed instructions and photos are given. There is also a number of animations that can help you perform the exercises properly and to become very experienced in short amount of time. This application includes instructions for exercises with weights, medicine balls, balls and many other exercise equipment. The exercises are divided into categories, so you can choose which part of the body you want to exercise. The application is designed with the aim to become your training routine.

Nike + Training Club

Nike-Training-Club-app-e1354566973352Sports brand Nike has created this application that contains more than 100 exercises, each user can choose to do individual exercises and training, or the entire program for a period of four weeks that will guide you daily closer to one goal – losing the weight, toning the body and increasing the strength. Also, each week you will find a new exercise and the app will track your progress through Nike Fuel points that are automatically synchronized to your profile. This application is also free and users are very satisfied with it.


This application has the largest database that contains thousands of exercises and programs that are grouped according to the body. It is an excellent ally for training in the gym for all those people who do not have a personal trainer. It contains detailed instructions for each exercise, then exercise planner, diary entry workout for training, there is an option that tracks your progress, timers and many other features. The only type of training that cannot work with this application are cardio trainings.


iPhone-Sworkit-Custom-Workout-coreThis is a perfect solution for all those people who believe that they don’t have enough time to exercise. It offers several types of training such as yoga, strength training, cardio and stretching program, in intervals ranging from only five minutes to one hour. You can choose which part of your body you want to work out, or to create a program that fits your needs. For beginners and those who don’t have much inspiration, there are practices that are followed only with a video explanations and timer. The application is free and very practical to use.

Fitness Blender

Another free application. It is designed to replace your personal instructor, it can show in great detail every step of the different exercises for each part of body, separately, or for the whole body. There are also exercises of Pilates and stretching is required. Tutorials show men and women and you can according to your preferences choose your coach.

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